No Time to Spare
Thinking About What Matters

by Ursula K. Le Guin
Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler

December 5, 2017
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Ebook ISBN 9781328661036: Pre-order ebook at Kobo
Hardcover ISBN 9781328661593: Pre-order hardcover at HMH


Table of Contents

Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler

A Note at the Beginning

Part One: Going Over Eighty

In Your Spare Time

The Sissy Strikes Back

The Diminished Thing

Catching Up, Ha Ha

The Annals of Pard

Choosing a Cat

Chosen by a Cat

Part Two: The Lit Biz

Would You Please Fucking Stop?

Readers’ Questions

Kids’ Letters

Having My Cake

Papa H

A Much-Needed Literary Award


TGAN Again

The Narrative Gift as a Moral Conundrum

It Doesn’t Have To Be the Way It Is

Utopiyin, Utopiyang

The Annals of Pard

The Trouble

Pard and the Time Machine

Part Three: Trying to Make Sense Of It

A Band of Brothers, a Stream of Sisters



Clinging Desperately to a Metaphor

Lying It All Away

The Inner Child and the Nude Politician

A Modest Proposal: Vegempathy

Belief in Belief

About Anger

The Annals of Pard

An Unfinished Education

An Unfinished Education, Continued

Doggerel for My Cat

Part Four: Rewards

The Circling Stars, the Sea Surrounding:
Philip Glass and John Luther Adams


Someone Named Delores

Without Egg

Notre-Dame de la Faim

The Tree

The Horsies Upstairs

First Contact

The Lynx

Notes from a Week at a Ranch in the Oregon High Desert


News & Reviews

Fall 2017 Announcements: Essays & Literary Criticism
, By Everett Jones. Publishers Weekly (June 23, 2017) announcement of No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters

Barbara’s Picks, Nov./Dec. 2017, by Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal. “Le Guin here collects the best essays from her blog, a new medium for her that fits her pointedly glistening writing.” No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters


Reviews at HMH

Cover Reveal for No Time to Spare, by Christian Holub at Entertainment Weekly. Includes an excerpt from the Introduction, by Karen Joy Fowler:

“Where other writers secure their legacy with a single book, she’s written a dozen worthy of that.”

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